On God modding/power playing/mary sues/etc.

So this might be an unusual stance to take - but there are no rules specifically to prevent these things. I want this group to be open to your own interpretation, so I am trusting in your own judgement as to whether or not you're power playing or not. I think as long as you are following your characters' level restrictions, you should be fine!

I believe it is up to you to decide how you choose to interact with the mission prompts provided, and to decide for yourself the most narratively satisfying way for your characters to achieve their goals. Respect your fellow players, and whether you're playing alone or with friends, strive to create the best story you can!

Of course, if you have a dungeon master they will be the ones deciding what your characters can and can't do - but that is between you and your DM!

However, if you are collaborating with others and I receive complaints that you are not playing fair, I may have to step in and ask you to cut it out.