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Harrie's Art & Code Commissions
Terms, Conditions, & Information
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission request without explanation.
  • I reserve the full rights to the image and it's use/distribution unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned artwork for non fungible tokens. Use of the artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibted.
  • I reserve the right to display the commissioned piece on my website(s), online galleries, and in my portfolios. If the character is an original character, you will be credited accordingly!
  • You may use a commissioned piece for personal use only—that includes as avatars, signatures, wallpapers, themes, posting to social media, etc., as long as you make sure to credit me. If I don't have an account on the site you're posting to, you can link to my website (
  • I reserve the rights to the artwork, so you may not use it for any projects (commercial or non-profit), nor redistribute it as your own. I currently have no plans to do commercial commissions.

Basically: you're paying me to draw you something, but you can't make money off of it. If you would prefer me not to post the commission publicly, please let me know.

Please ensure the designs you are commissioning me for are your own, or that you have permission to use.

Will Draw

  • Humanoids
  • Anthropomorphic characters
  • Animals
  • Armoured characters
  • Character interactions
  • Fluff
  • Mild blood/injury

Won't Draw

  • Mechas
  • NSFW
  • Paedophilia or large age gaps
  • Abuse
  • Incest
  • Heavy gore
  • Fetish work

If you're not sure if your request is something I will draw, feel free to send the request and I will inform you if I will not do it.

Please be aware that I am chronically ill, so if you are interested in commissioning me by filling out the form you will be put onto a waiting list and I will contact you when I am able. I will only be taking on a couple of commissions at a time, and my form will be closed if the list exceeds 10.

Depending on my health, you may be on the list for a few months. If I have contacted you to start your commission, you are encouraged to check in with me regularly!

Below are a few samples of the different styles I am offering. To the upper right is a rough estimate of the price range a piece like these might cost, and you can click the carousels for a closer look at the sample images.




Ink Colour

Note: I will not accept design commissions. They take a lot out of me—I am happy to create a reference sheet for an already established design or potentially create a new outfit, but creating a new design from scratch is an involved process that I do not have the stamina for.

* Print/Traditional option is not currently available, I need to figure out the process and details as well as how to handle shipping and such things.

Pixel Portraits


Top row, second left: Kabira belongs to cquaer

Bottom row, from left: Vi belongs to floralthief, Valeria belongs to wyrmipedia, Yrsys belongs to snigeldrottning

Special Commission: Ink

While these will be drawn digitally, I own toned paper & golden ink, so I can print out & do the golden embellishments by hand and mail you a physical copy of the piece (of around A6-size).

There will be a small materials cost as well as the price for postage, should you choose this option. We can discuss details further via email after I contact you.

Code Asset Creation


Special Commission: Code Assets

I have layouts available for purchase in my store which require the creation of a large amount of assets & an understanding of HTML and, for more advanced layering, knowledge of CSS to use.

If you've ever wished to use them, but are not able to do this yourself then I can create the art and even fill the code for you!

Additionally, if you do not have a Toyhouse account I can give you an invite code!

Please click here for information on code related commissions & the relevant form.
Pricing, Payment & Process

I will only be doing portraits & half-body pieces, without or featuring minimal backgrounds, as seen in the samples above.

The price will vary depending on the complexity of the piece and the designs of the character(s). There is no specific limit on how many characters may be in a piece, but additional characters will not be discounted and will be priced accordingly. I will send you a price quote when I contact you from my waitlist.

Payment will be taken through Paypal—I will send you an invoice. At least 50% must be paid upfront in order for me to begin work.

You will fill out the form with the details of your commission request and be placed on my waiting list. I will contact you and give you a week to respond before contacting someone else that I will prioritise should they reply. After three weeks without response I will remove you from my waitlist.

Once payment has been recieved, I will begin work ASAP—expect an update by the following Wednesday. I will check with you regarding any changes, but please be aware that multiple revisions may incur additional fees.

I will only be accepting two commissions at a time from my waiting list. When you fill out the form, you'll be put onto a waiting list, and I'll contact you to confirm or deny your request when my health allows and there's space free. Thank you for your patience!

Please note below is my art commissions form. Click the button above for my coding commissions info & form.