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[bear noises]
5 | bear | druid
  • nickname: bear
  • pronouns: they/them
  • Sent on a mysterious task by a forgotten god, [bear noises] is a simple bear who has been blessed with druidic powers and an elven form.

  • instrument: kalimba
  • flower: snowdrop
  • element: earth
  • tag: here
  • aeryn
    24 | half-elf | bard
  • pronouns: she/her
  • level: two
  • she's traveling with gilius whillikers, methelyne, contradiction, and lilnise.

    idk what to put here! campaign history?? shes looked after an inn, killed some wolves, saved a cow, stopped a heist, and killed a person by stabbing them in the ass

  • instrument: lyre
  • flower: gillyflower
  • element: air
  • tag: here
  • Amali
    20 | INFP | Zelda Fancharacter
  • Race: Rito
  • pronouns: she/her
  • nickname: amé
  • my ZRPG character

    Amali is soft spoken and polite -- but that's not to say that she's meek and quiet!

    It's more that she has her own idea of what she wants to do, and can get a little caught up in her own world.

    She likes to be out and about, and will happily do a task as long as it involves doing what she likes.

    She values more than anything her freedom to do the things she loves.

  • instrument: panflute
  • flower: jasmine
  • element: air
  • tag: here
  • aveline
    18 | aasimar | monk
  • nickname: Lina
  • pronouns: she/her
  • A character I've not put a lot of thought into, I might revisit her at some point.

  • instrument:
  • flower:
  • element: light
  • tag: here
  • Big Chungy
    ?? | Giant Strider | Evil Chicken
  • nickname: Chungy
  • pronouns: He/Him
  • Supremely large and supremely evil lad, Chungy only listens to Tempest - and even then, he mostly does what he wants.

    Prone to biting and setting people on fire, I suggest you approach him with caution and maybe he'll like you, or maybe he won't. You'll know if he likes you when you're not burning alive.

  • instrument: sound of an ostrich screaming
  • flower: Fraxinella
  • element: Fire
  • tag: here
  • Callisto
    21 | aasimar | wizard
  • nickname: Callie
  • pronouns: she/her
  • Extremely bright but with no formal education, Callie doubts herself and seeks the approval of others. She's trying her best.

  • instrument: Piano
  • flower: Mezereon
  • element: Air
  • tag: here
  • Cecelia
    werewolf | isfj | the familiar
  • pronouns: she/her
  • nickname: cece
  • Tag: here
  • life's not easy for a werewolf. she seeks out the witch with no familiar in hope of a cure - but ends up with a whole lot more.

  • instrument: vibraphone
  • flower: marigolds
  • element: water
  • tag: here
  • Celeste
    human | florist
  • pronouns: they/he
  • Tag: here
  • though a florist by trade, celeste spends a lot of their time making weird concoctions out of the plants they grow, and reading anything they can get their hands on.

    30 | Tiefling | Wizard
  • nickname:Debs
  • pronouns:She/Her
  • shes seen your future and in it she gets all of your money actually. given the opportunity she will kill merlin the wizard

  • flower: scarlet auricula
  • element: fire
  • tag: here
  • edel
    23 | tiefling | bard
  • nickname: the fashion disaster
  • pronouns: she/her
  • edel grew up in guildford's bards guild under the careful watch of bardsmaster warlon...

    guildsford specialises in the college of lore, but studying? BORING! #BYE

    edel hightailed it outta there for some Fresh Adventure ✌✌✌✌✌

  • instrument: flute
  • flower: apple blossoms
    & the devil's snare
  • element: lightning
  • tag: here
  • Felicity
    21 | human | eldritch knight
  • nickname: tea
  • pronouns: she/her
  • level: one
  • Felicity is the middle child of the Frost family, who own a reputable bakery in cheltenham called Frost's Fine Fancies.
    They bake expensive cakes and are renowned for their beautiful decorations.

    unfortunately, baking isn't felicity's thing.
    She craves adventure! swinging swords! casting cool spells! getting into fights! punching people a little bit maybe!

    so she and her donkey stinko are out to see the world.
    (the dm for this campaign is my friend june @megidolaon! go send him love)

  • instrument: guitar
  • flower: red cosmos
  • element: fire
  • tag: here
  • greta
    25 | orc | Fighter
  • nickname: gretty (by edel)
  • pronouns: she/her
  • greta was taken in by an adventurer at a young age, and has been in the adventuring business ever since.

    but truth be told, she'd rather be a tailor....

    she hates edel's dress sense but like shes just so charming. shes just so charming and she cant handle it

  • instrument: bassoon
  • flower: gladiolus
  • element: fire
  • tag: here
  • Henchman
    oh no!
  • Gender: Fake
  • henchman is like, intended to be a recurring boss in the game lmao

    Black Dragon Wyrmling
  • pronouns:she/her
  • Sounds like gary oak and acts like him too. Absolute wild child of the babies, does whatever she wants whenever she wants.

  • tag: here
  • Jill
  • pronouns: she/her
  • lil beans is on hold at the moment but i'll revisit it at some point.

    20 | Aasimar | Barbarian
  • nickname: Kab, Treasure (Tempest)
  • pronouns: she/her
  • Kabira belongs to @cquaer. Kal also drew the art above!

    In their words:

    Too headstrong for her own good, petty and vengeful and resents being told what to do. A product of her upbringing and a fundamental part of who Kabira is. Impulsive and brash, no tact. She hates losing control, and she hates losing in general. Stands tall at seven feet of pride and four inches of death wish.

    Kabira and Tempest have a complicated relationship - a lot of things out of their control went wrong, and neither of them told the other how they really feel. Just an all around mess of miscommunication... hopefully they'll work it out.

  • instrument: Kill Bill Sirens
  • flower: Love Lies Bleeding
  • element: Lightning
  • tag: here
  • Katrina
    human | intj | the witch
  • pronouns: she/her
  • enneagram: 8w9
  • Tag: here
  • every witch has a familiar - a demon or a fae that the witch has made a deal with. in return, it helps the witch perform their magic & enhances their ability.

    or well, most witches anyway. Katrina does not, but her cures and potions are known for their potency and quality.

    Rumour has it that she's powerful enough not to need a familiar - but the truth is she's just too stubborn to rely on anyone else.

    ??? | Demon | ???
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • ???

  • Instrument: organ
  • Flower: Tiger lily
  • Element: Lightning
  • Lyse
    Hoenn | Pokémon Trainer
  • pronouns: she/her
  • Tag: here
  • despite the hopes of her father, gym leader norman, she never becomes his great trainer protégée.

    instead, with the help of one beautiful contest queen lisia, she really comes into her own in the pokemon contests, and becomes a star of her own.

    120 | Zora | Queen
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Illustrous ruler of the Zora, and a sizeable warrior.
    She took to the throne at a young age when her father passed, and though she is largely respected by her people there is some tension between her and the older generation.

  • Instrument: Harp
  • Flower: Rosebay Willowherb
  • Element: Water
  • Nameless
  • pronouns: she/her
  • the woods here are not safe, those who enter do not leave.

    avoid the dark forest and the nameless being within, lest she eat you up!

    or will she?

  • pronouns: she/her
  • you can kidnap nathalie if you like but she's not gonna wait for someone to bust her out.

    extreme gay sword is kind of the Fantasy AU actually, in her original world she's a judo instructor.

    15 | Aarakocra | Rogue
  • pronouns:she/her
  • Tag: here
  • naughty bird. will steal anything if its shiny.

    a long way from home
  • pronouns: she/her
  • a close friend of celeste's, and a long long way from home.

    Alola | Pokémon Trainer
  • pronouns: she/her
  • who's moon. nugget is the real champion of alola

    the hero
  • pronouns: she/her
  • Tag: here
  • owner of the extreme gay sword itself, and protagonist of the potential game of the same name.

    as with nathalie though, extreme gay sword is a fantasy au. in her regular universe, she's a professional boxer and loves children. she spends a lot of time with nathalie's younger pupils.

    Black Dragon Wyrmling
  • pronouns:he/him
  • Phelony's understanding of material possession is "I'm a dragon so everything is rightfully mine" and "I like having things"

  • tag: here
  • Poppin'
    Unova | Pokémon Trainer/Actor
  • Full Name: Penelope
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • [avoids pokemon league and stars in a million movies instead]

    Poppy Frogpeace
    23 | Half-Elf | Bard
  • nickname: Pops
  • pronouns: she/her
  • Poppy belongs to @dreamy. Kal (@cquaer) drew the art above!

    Child of the circus and a bard after my own heart... a bundle of sunshine and Coping, Poppy is just super valid and I love her thank you.

  • instrument: otamatone
  • flower: Poppy
  • element: Ice
  • tag: here
  • Priscillia
  • pronouns:she/her
  • Tag: here
  • lil beans is on hold at the moment but i'll revisit it at some point. she sells seeds and likes tomatoes.

    19 | Octoling | Guitarist
  • full name: Zinnia Rocktopus
  • Nickname: Eight
  • pronouns: She/Her
  • One day many years ago Zinnia asked Pearl, "How do you get girls to like you?"

    Pearl—in her never ending wisdom—replied, "I just played a lot of loud obnoxious rock music and Marina is now my wife yo."

    Now the lead singer and guitarist of the band Liquid Silver, Rocktopus is supremely valid.

  • instrument: Electic Guitar
  • flower: Zinnia
  • element: Earth
  • Rustle
    18 | Kenku | Rogue
  • pronouns: she/her
  • Rustle belongs to @unova-lesbian. Kal (@cquaer) drew the art above!

    So small and so valid. baby. baby. i love you rustle.

  • instrument: Vocaloid
  • flower: Tamarisk
  • element: Air
  • tag: here
  • Sasha
  • pronouns:she/her
  • who is she. friend??? foe??? i have no idea extreme gay sword needs a lot of work LMAO

    20 | Hill Dwarf | Wizard
  • pronouns: she/her
  • Tag: here
  • dwarves are expected to do, like, one thing in their life and thats Work With Rocks. certainly, they are not expected to study magic!

    but sorrel is a force to be reckoned with. she's going to become a wizard, and there ain't no'a thing ye can do t' stop 'er!!

  • instrument: Clarinet
  • flower: pennyroyal
  • element: earth
  • tag: here
  • Squarby
    420 | Half-Dryad | Warlock
  • nickname: Squarbs
  • pronouns: she/her
  • Squarby belongs to @miraisen. Kal (@cquaer) drew the art above!

    To quote Mira,
    Squarby is a tree woman who remains fiercely guarded about her private life, to an extent that borders on the bizarre-

    in one conversation with Yrsys she declined to share with her the chemical composition of the dirt she had recently consumed:

    "There are some things I keep to myself, that are my business," she explained.

  • instrument: Double Bass
  • flower: Baobab
  • element: Earth
  • tag: here
  • Tempest
    23 | Tiefling | Cleric/Sorcerer
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • She's gay, selfish, and gets what she wants.

    Tempest is a storm sorcerer and cleric to Umberlee, the evil sea goddess, and ex-pirate.

    With both mistakenly under the impression their feelings were onesided, Kabira and Tempest's relationship fell forcefully apart when Tempest was arrested.

    She danced around the gallows for two years before they finally reunited, with Kabira left thinking Tempest had just gotten bored of her. Perhaps they'll work things out one day.

    I also play as her in the Truehearts Guild campaign - they never meet again in that world.

  • Instrument: Cello
  • Flower: Tuberose
  • Element: Lightning
  • Yoshi
    Black Dragon Wyrmling
  • pronouns:she/her
  • Yoshi is the youngest and doesn't like getting into trouble. That doesn't mean she doesn't cause trouble, it's just she's not likely to get the blame.

  • tag: here
  • Yrsys Frostbringer
    26 | Dragonborn | Paladin
  • nickname: dragon jesus
  • pronouns: she/her
  • Yrsys belongs to @athenacyikes. Kal (@cquaer) drew the art above!

    Disciple of Bahamut and adoptive mother of three rowdy dragon babies, Yrsys is the voice of reason in the party (as long as there's no titties involved).

  • instrument: Harp/Lyre
  • flower: Chionodoxa
  • element: Ice
  • tag: here
  • Zelda
    16 | Hylian | Princess
  • Pronouns:
  • She has an insatiable desire for knowledge.

    You are just as likely to find her nose deep in a book she found in the depths of the castle's library as you are to find her lying face first into the floor of the knight's training grounds (much to her father's displeasure).

    To Zelda, all knowledge is worth learning and understanding, whether this is the arcane arts or the head cook's award winning bread recipe.

    Most fascinating to her is life outside the castle's walls.
    She has of course left the castle on diplomatic matters, but travelling with a royal escort is not the same as freely exploring what's out there.

  • Instrument: Ocarina/Violin
  • Flower:
  • Element:
  • hailthehelpful. & ST