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14.07.96 | they/she

Hey, I'm Harrie! Nice to meet you!

I'm a white gnc lesbian, I'm chronically & mentally ill (primarily untreated ehlers danlos & adhd), and I live in England.

My interests change frequently, but most consistently I am into several nintendo IPs (zelda, splatoon, pokémon), and critical role! also my own ocs

Do not follow if:

  • You believe trans women are not women / trans men are not men, that trans women don’t belong in wlw spaces, and/or that trans men do.
  • You don't oppose antisemitism - or more to the point, listen to, support, and protect jewish people. The same goes for trans women, and people of colour.
  • You ship or think it okay to ship incest / paedophilia / abuse / large age gaps / real people / gay characters with different genders
  • You are a porn or primarily nsfw twitter

Up at the top you can see my various different handles - the short version is "LesbianLinkle/Harrie is my personal account name", "TheLesbian/Rocktopus is my Gamer Name", and "CaptainHarrie is my art brand".


  • ButchLinkle - this is just my personal blog
  • Diosmaden - this is my oc blog, where I post doodles & talk about my ocs.


  • LesbianLinkle - this is just my personal twitter, I talk more on there than I do on tumblr. I'm unlikely to accept follow requests if I don't know who you are though, sorry!
  • Rocktopus__ - This is my gaming twitter, but I also post splatoon fanart here! I also talk on there sometimes.
  • CaptainHarrie - This is my art twitter!
  • WyrmBabies - This is my OC twitter - it is locked, but mutuals are welcome to send a follow request, or you can get access by supporting me on patreon!


I stream to Twitch, Youtube, and Picarto all simultaneously - whichever is your preferred site, you'll be able to watch my streams there!

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